The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings, Part 3

Here is part 3 of my video series on doing my napkin drawings.   This segment starts with the line drawing now complete and I am starting to color and shading.



These were all originally Periscope videos.  Periscope is live video from your mobile device with chat interaction. In other words, you talk on your video live and people watching can text to you and the texts will scroll up the screen.

You can find me at @thenapkindad.  It’s owned by Twitter and is available on iOS and Android.  

When I am done these videos will eventually be on their own ‘video’ page.

Here are the rest in the series

  • The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings


© 2015 Marty Coleman


Why I Didn’t Like Mad Max Fury Road – Movie Review

I am old enough to have seen the original Mad Max when it had its US debut back in the early 1980s.  It was a crazy adventure thriller, basically one long car chase, with a lot of death and injuries.  It was set in a dystopian future.

Fast forward 35 years and a new Mad Max is released. It is also a crazy adventure thriller, basically one long car chase, with a lot of death and injuries.  It is also set in a dystopian future.  I wasn’t all that excited about seeing it until I read comments online about the public reaction to it. It turns out there were some men pissed off because, while it does have Max in it, and he plays a big role, the main protagonists are a group of women escaping from captivity.  This made me want to see the movie. I like seeing strong women overcoming harsh situations and thought that would be a good twist in the story.


After an opening scene showing the capture of Max, the movie turns its attention to Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron. She is leaving the Citadel, the enclave of the tribe, in a huge tractor-trailer. She is driving it to another enclave across open desert.  She is a hard ass truck driver with short-cropped hair, black makeup covering the top half of her face.  She has a large group of vehicles going along with her for protection.  Mid-way through the trip across the desert she veers off course. She convinces those escorting her that there has been a legitimate change of orders.

Max meanwhile has escaped and is following the same route. He eventually engages with the escorting vehicles, who have realized the truck driven by Furiosa is going rogue. Mayhem ensues as you might expect, with a three-way battle between the escort vehicles, the truck and Max.  Eventually Max is left unconscious near where the truck has escaped, now temporarily safe from their pursuers.

This is the scene Max finds when he awakens.


Along with Furiosa are 5 young women. They have been hiding in the truck and Furiosa has planned all along to help them escape.  From what, we aren’t sure exactly. Later we find out they are the 5 wives of the evil leader of the tribe. One is pregnant.

They are all supermodel thin and minimally dressed and this is ok in the scheme of the movie. They were pampered captives, coddled and protected, not forced to do anything physically demanding or harsh so it makes sense that at the beginning they act that way. Unable to do much but be scared.  They try to help but aren’t of much use. Furiosa is the only warrior.



Fast forward to the middle of the movie.  While Furiosa and Max have been fighting non-stop the five women have been looking worried and scared.  They are minimally involved with the fighting. They have helped a bit in tending to some wounds and fixing some things on the truck. They have loaded a gun or two. What they haven’t done is evolve and develop. This in spite of the fact that along the way they have met up with a tribe of older women who are fighters and warriors. Do they learn from them and take their place as they fall in the fight? No, they don’t.  




Fast forward to the end of the movie and, spoiler alert, good has triumphed.  And the 5 women? They are basically the same women we saw at the beginning of the movie. Why is that a problem?  Because they and their truck were under attack for the past 2+ hours of the movie and they didn’t transform into warriors, into mechanics, into drivers, into intellectual leaders. Do they learn from the older women and take their place as they fall in the fight? No, they don’t.  Do they learn from Furiosa, Max or Nux, an unlikely hero who joins their ranks? No, I don’t think they do.

Max and Furiosa don’t develop either.  But in some ways they don’t have to since they are already where they need to be given the plot of the movie.  Actually there is only one person in this movie who does evolve and develop and that is Nux, the character who starts out as a villain and becomes a protector and hero for the women.  



One might ask, so what? Why can’t some not end up being warriors? That is true, and if one or two of them didn’t that would be ok. But when none of the five make any progress in becoming warriors and war is the only thing happening in the movie, then a great opportunity is wasted.

And that’s why, in the end, I was disappointed in the movie.



Review © 2015 Marty Coleman


The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings, Part 2

In part 1, I gave a tour of my studio and explained how I pick out a quote to use in my drawings.

Today’s video shows me choosing the quote and thinking through it’s placement on the page and then starting in on drawing the main character in the scene.


By the way, These videos were originally broadcast live on the Periscope app. That is why they are in a vertical format.  If you would like to follow me on Periscope you can find me at @thenapkindad

Here are the rest in the series

  • The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings

The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings, Part 1

Live on the Air

I have recently started to use a new app on my ipad called Periscope. It’s live video with chat interaction.  People watch you live and they can text messages, questions, etc. Those messages scroll up the screen as the video plays.  You can then save those videos and post them wherever you want; Youtube, Facebook, etc.

I decided to do a Napkin Dad Show, showing my studio and me drawing a napkin. I did the show in several parts for a few reasons; first, the videos take up a lot of memory and take time to upload if they are too long so breaking them up is easier. And second, showing the entire process is boring. It’s just like in cooking demonstrations. They show you bits and pieces and then show you the finished product, which they had made prior to the filming.  It’s kind of like that with doing art.  

Here’s my first in the series. It’s about 5 minutes long.

The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings, Part 1



  • The Napkin Dad Show – How I Do My Drawings


Video and writing © 2015 Marty Coleman


Moderation Is An Art – Tuaca Napkin Contest #2




Last month I entered the Tuaca Napkin Art contest.  I found out after submitting the napkin drawing that the contest had been extended another month. I took the time to think up another napkin for the contest and here it is.  I used one of their sayings, “Moderation is an Art” to create the theme, which is that drinking is great fun and a wonderful social activity. But it’s great and fun in moderation, not in overdoing it.

Here is my first submission

I will let you know if I win or not!

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