Day 4 at the beauty trough. I am not looking any better but I think
the drawings are. Should a drawing about beauty be beautiful?

So why then, if this statement is true, are so many cliche people and images
thought to be beautiful. Mediocre knock-offs of designs seen a million times
with no originality or spark are hugely popular. The women who spend
money on them think they are beautiful. The millions of beach babes who
work so hard to look like Pamela Anderson are showered with compliments
to their beauty. And if there isn’t a response, the guy goes on to the next
look-alike and showers her with the same compliments. The men doing the
showering think they are beautiful.


  • Aren’t there then cliches that are beautiful?
  • What type of beauty is the author talking about here?
  • How is the beauty between the cliches different?
  • How do you find it?
  • How do you discern beauty from cliche?
  • Do you have any choice in what you consider beautiful?

“Beauty is a brief gasp between one cliche and another.” – Ezra Pound, 1885 – 1972, ex-patriot American poet

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