A Woman with Rain on Her Shoulder

A portrait of my first wife, K.  We were married for 20+ years (1979-2000).  She had her moments of being bummed about things and I was visualizing one of those little moments in this drawing.


This was in my very small sketchbook I carried with me at the time.  2″ x 3″  Probably I started to draw this woman and she moved after I had just done her profile.  So instead of figuring out the back of her head I just made her into a giant sculpture in a parking lot watching a rocket take off.  Made sense at the time!


Wife and Husband with A Block Between Them

I met the woman at church and drew her from behind.  I heard her talking about marital issues and I imagined an actual block between her and her husband.


The Bather

I almost never cross hatch using color so this was an interesting exercise for me. I was especially fun because I was trying to work in the water covering part of her.


Drawings © 2016 Marty Coleman | napkindad.com
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