Here is the flippy haired girl from 2002.  Let’s make up what she was thinking, ok?  Vote for your favorite.

  1. I hate church.
  2. I love church.
  3. I hope Mr. soandso isn’t there, he’s creepy.
  4. I need a LOT of coffee today.
  5. I don’t think my deodorant is working.
  6. Why is that guy staring at me?
  7. If my heel breaks like last time I am going to scream!
  8. What is the point of it all?
  9. I can’t remember anything before college.
  10. I wish people could see the real me.

You can vote for one of those or you can make up a new thought and submit it. You can enter as many times as you like.  For official rules see the flippy haired girl, wherever you find her.  Just ask her ‘what are the official rules?’ and she will tell you.  She might tell you to bug off, but she will tell you something.

Drawing by me

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