About 3 years ago, on March 2nd, 2008 I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble in Tulsa.  I saw a woman reading intently.  I liked her face structure and the way her hair poofed up so I drew her.  Here is the drawing.

Aime at Barnes and Noble

After I finished I went over and showed the drawing to her and the gentleman sitting with her.  She liked the drawing and we exchanged emails so I could scan it and send it to her.  I asked if I could draw her again and also take some photos of her.  She liked that idea so a few weeks later we met so she could model for me.  Here is the drawing I did at that time.


Aime at Shades of Brown Coffee House

After I did the drawing we went a few blocks over to the walled garden at All Souls Unitarian Church where we did the photo shoot.  Here are a few pics from the session.

Purple Aime at Shades of Brown


Golden Aime


Aime and the Cracked Pot

We had a great time during the shoot and she and her by then fiance loved the photos.  A number of months later Aime called me and told me she was getting married. Since they were originally from Boston they would be getting married back east, but they needed some engagements photos taken in advance.  Here are a few of those.


Aime at the Make Up Counter



Engagement Portrait

They have since had a child and have another on the way.  Unfortunately they moved back to Boston so my chances of photographing them are much slimmer these days.

Anyway, I thought I would show you the evolution of how some of my drawings leads to friendships and great memories. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Drawings and Photos © 2016  Marty Coleman | napkindad.com
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