In 2008 I helped found the Tulsa Digital Photography Group.  It now has close to 600 members, making it the largest in Oklahoma. We put on photo shoots once or twice a month and have a monthly library presentation that I lead. Sometimes I do the presentation other times we have guest photographers come in.

Here are some of the photos I have taken at our shoots over the years.




This was taken after a studio lighting seminar.  The outdoor area had a lot of great locations as well and we continued taking portraits well after the seminar ended.




Taken at a studio lighting session.  She was the owner of the studio and it took a bit of convincing to get her to model for us.





Taken at a equestrian competition shoot.  I had to run fast when I saw this girl hanging upside down to get the shot.  




Taken at a ‘painting with Light’ session.  I had my camera on a tripod with a long exposure and ran out into the field to draw the word ‘TULSA’ with a flashlight. It took me 7 tries to get the S facing the right way, it’s HARD!





Taken at a Color Composition shoot I led at the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market. Who says red and pink don’t go together.




Taken at a ‘Black and White Only’ shoot I led at Philbrook Museum of Art. I had the participants set their digital cameras to black and white so they would have to see the scene from the very beginning in those terms.i




Taken at a ‘How to Approach a Stranger’ shoot I led at Tulsa’s Blue Dome Festival. I had already taken photos of this woman’s face when I got attracted to the great color and textures of her scarf, hair and shirt.




Taken at a pool/bathing suit shoot. We had a professional Makeup Artist for the shoot and it was great experience working with the models as a result.




Taken at a Tulsa Zoo shoot. The tail said it all about this guy.




Taken at a Bokah Christmas Lights shoot at Rhema Bible College.  Bokah is a technique using a very short depth of field where only a small area is in focus.




Taken at a studio/model shoot.  This window covering was meant to diffuse the light for portraits but I was drawn to it for how it created silhouettes and shadows in very compelling ways.




Taken at our annual Halloween Cemetery shoot.  We have our models dress up in all sorts of fun halloween type costumes and just have a blast with all sorts of techniques.



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