Hello to all my Napkin Kin!  Here is my final Christmas Card of 2011 (well, it’s really a napkin but it plays a card on the internet)

Christmas Blessing

The final words at the end of each All Souls Unitarian Church service in Tulsa is this, “Go then – be blessed and be a blessing.”  I always love hearing that because it puts in 8 words what life is all about. We aren’t told to deny ourselves – it’s ok to allow yourself to be blessed, whether by God, universe or human, via a Christmas present or a cosmic blessing. But we are also told that it is not a one way street. We are to be a blessing as well. We don’t have to change the world, we just need to give the gift we can give. It might be our presence, it might be a new car or it might be a drum solo like the little drummer boy gave.  Whatever it is, you are capable of blessing someone.

I hope both for you this Christmas and holiday season.


Marty Coleman, The Napkin Dad

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