Come on, let’s have a show!  Here is what you do next in your journey to draw a napkin.


how to draw a napkin 3-6

Step 3a-3d: Repeat steps 1a-1d

Step 3e: Draw yourself at your big exhibition opening greeting all the admiring guests.  

Step 3f: Color in the drawing of yourself at the big opening.

Step 3f: Make sure to include your art and the rich and famous collectors, dealers and critics who will be there.

Step 3g: Show yourself complimenting them on their outfit and hair (if they have any). 

Step 3h: Show yourself selling your work. Tell them the piece would go well over their bed.


Concept, drawings and commentary by Marty Coleman, who is no relation to the artist in the drawings. Really.


Fact of the day:

There are over 60 Museums on the Island of Manhattan, New York City.


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