I know you weren’t expecting this, but it was due!


how to draw a napkin 4-6


Steps 4a-4d: Repeat steps 1a-1d. 

Step 4e: Meet someone.

Step 4f: Marry them (traditional version)

Step 4g: Have sex with them (traditional version)

Step 4h: Get pregnant, or help at least (traditional version)

Step 4i: Have baby (traditional version)

Step 4j: Repeat 4g-4i as often as you wish.

Step 4k: Draw baby being born from memory. (don’t draw as it happens, that would be rude).

Step 4l: Color in drawing (be accurate)


Concept, drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who contributed to this scenario 3 times (and added another in an untraditional way).


Trivia of the day

An average of approximately 3,000 babies in the US are dropped upon delivery each year.

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