It’s a new week and we are graduating to step six!

how to draw a napkin 6-6

Step 6a-6d: See steps 1a-1d.

Step 6e: Move 515 miles to first college out of high school.  Miss first semester because of being blown up.

Step 6f:  Move 919 miles to second college because first college closes down.  Lose girlfriend.

Step 6g: Move 3,072 miles to third college because you can’t afford the second college. Get Religion.

Step 6h: Graduate from 3rd college. Get married, have kids.

Step 6i: Move 2,399 miles to go to graduate school. Have car crash that should have been an omen.

Step 6j: Move 2,431 miles to second graduate school because you get kicked out of first graduate school for being a crappy artist.

Step 6k: Graduate from Graduate school.  Start looking for jobs.


Concept, drawings and commentary by Marty Coleman, who wasn’t really as crappy an artist as the professor said, but was still pretty bad.


Fact of the day

There are over 2,700 colleges and universities in the US as of 2009.  My immediate family has gone to 12 of them and graduated from 5 (so far).


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