Yes, I am trying to draw you in.

how to draw a napkin 7-6

Steps 7a-7d: see 1a-1d

Step 7e: Get a part time job teaching drawing at a community college.

Step 7f: Get another part time job doing the same thing at a different community college.

Step 7g: Get a third job doing the same thing at yet another community college.

Step 7h: Keep your job working in a restaurant, creating art and raising your family.

Step 7i: Apply for full-time teaching jobs at colleges and universities all around the country.

Step 7j: Repeat steps 7e-7i for 9 years.


Concept, drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman


Trivia of the day

The teaching job I applied for that had the most applications was at the University of Virginia. There were 0ver 600 applications for one Assistant Professor position.



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