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how to draw a napkin 8-6

Steps 8a-8d: See 1a-1d

Step 8e: Give up looking for a college teaching job after 8 unsuccessful years.

Step 8f: Retrain yourself in computer graphics, using your family’s and friend’s computers during the day while they are at work.

Step 8g: Land a dream job in Tulsa, Oklahoma after you promise the company you will use your own computer as your work computer.

Step 8h: Drive sight unseen 1,692 miles across the country with your wife and kids to start a new life.

Step 8i: Start at entry level pay that is less than you made working four part-time jobs back in California.

Step 8j: Work hard and get promoted until 18 months later you are the Art Director and Producer at an educational software company.


Concept, Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who doesn’t actually have a cowboy hat but wants one.


Fact of the Day

Oklahoma originally was going to be 2 states but the Republican controlled congress did not want 4 Democratic senators added to their ranks. They made the two potential states into one so that only 2 would be appointed.  Oklahoma was admitted to the union in 1907.



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