Finally Step 10!

how to draw a napkin 10-6

Step 10a-10d: See 1a-1d

Step 10e: Get divorced after 20 years of marriage.

Step 10f: Start dating woman from church who is also getting divorced.

Step 10g: Stop dating woman from church and introduce her to guy in Sunday School.

Step 10h: Have woman from church say she can’t ever talk to me again because her new boyfriend I introduced her to is jealous.

Step 10i: Go internet dating.

Step 10j: Have some wonderful girlfriends who aren’t quite the right fit.

Step 10k: Meet woman on, think she is cool and date her for 2 years, with a break up in there somewhere.

Step 10l: Meet woman from’s daughter and think she is cool.

Step 10m: Ask woman from to marry me.

Step: 10n: Get married to woman from

Step 10o: Find out woman from’s name is Linda.

Step 10p: Live happily ever after.

This is a great place to stop for a while. I will pick it back up later, maybe doing it once a week or so.


Concept, drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who thought internet dating was fun.


Fact of the day 

Approximately 1/3 of marriages in the US are step-family involved remarriages for one or both partners.


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