girl ghosts 2

Chapter 1 – Urgent Care

They had made themselves up for a night on the town but when Margie came down with red dots on her face they got worried.  They went to the bar and by the time they finished their first drink Beth and Bonzai also had red dots.  They went to Urgent Care and the doctor saw all eight of them.  He was nervous because he had never had eight people, much less eight bodyless girl ghosts, in one examination room at the same time. It was crowded and they all had on a lot of perfume.  Daphne was a bit drunk and tried to kiss him but smacked the needle dispensing box instead.  He diagnosed Ghost Measles and sent them to the pharmacy to get medicine.

Chapter 1 -Phloating at the Pharmacy

Prudence had the biggest balloon (girl ghosts travel by balloon when they are going out in big groups) so they went with her to the pharmacy.  It was deserted except for an old guy reading women’s magazines, which they thought was creepy.  They had to wait 15 minutes for the medicine so 4 of them floated aimlessly while 4 of them went back to the magazine rack.  Being bodyless they have no hands so they just hung around behind the old guy and looked at the French Vogue he was perusing from behind his back.  They liked the editorial of the man and woman wearing masks and underwear.

Chapter 1 – Quarantine 

The pharmacist told them that ghost measles was reaching epidemic proportions and that they should leave the city if they could to avoid infecting other ghosts.  The decided to go to Jordona’s grandgirlghost’s summer home at the lake and wait there.  Luckily for them Prudence’s balloon did not pop until they were almost there.  This is a drawing of them floating down from the balloon and landing right at the front porch of the house.  They stayed there for 8 days and it all went fine except for Penelope’s melt down over running out of mascara.

The End


Drawing and Short Short Story by Marty Coleman


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