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The Girl Ghosts Get Lost

Mabel and Ethel were frightened by the sudden sound at their kitchen window. They were in the living room watching a show about the French Revolution and Ethel didn’t want to miss the part about the decapitations so she asked her ‘sister’ to put it on hold while she went to investigate. Ethel figured it was probably a bird that had hit the window but instead was greeted by 15 bodyless girl ghosts pressed up against the glass looking cold and lost. Ethel called to Mabel to come right away.

Mabel yelled from the other room, “Is it a person? Cuz I ain’t gotta bra on and am not going in there if it is!”

Ethel said, “Not Exactly.”

After Mabel came in, covering herself just in case Ethel was lying, they discussed what to do. It was decided that they looked harmless enough and it was very cold out so they should do something. They opened the door and let them in.

The first girl ghost who came in asked, ” Can you tell us how to get to Wolla Tompo? We are lost because our GPS (ghost positioning system) gave out on us in Belltramp.”

Mabel brought out an old fashioned paper map and laid it out on the table and pointed in the upper right corner,  “If you just go over this hill behind our house and fly…you are flying, right?… fly north until you see the big ugly rock  quarry that is shaped like a peeing dog, you will find the town just east of there.  Look for the big sign advertising the new crematorium.”

Penelope, the leader of the Girl Ghost gang said, “Thanks, can you tell me how long it might take?”

Ethel responded, “Well, it takes us about 15 minutes on our brooms, but we aren’t very fast.”

Isabel, Penelope’s wise-cracking sidekick said, “I wish we had brooms but since we don’t have hands they probably wouldn’t help much.”

Mabel asked them if they would like some tea, to which they all replied yes except for Mergatroid, the picky one. She wanted to know if it had caffeine in it and any fruit or flowers because that made her try to throw up. Bodyless ghosts don’t actually throw up of course, not having bodies, but they can gag really well.  Mabel found a tea that fit the bill, went to the stove and put on some water to boil.  

They spent about an hour having a fun time talking while floating around the kitchen area. They explained about their flight, why they were going to Wolla Tompo, and what there was to do there. They left shortly thereafter, warm and refreshed.  Mabel and Ethel mopped up all the ice tea that landed on the floor since they had no stomaches and went back to watching the TV show.

Ethel thought the decapitation part was very interesting.

The End


Drawing and short, short story by Marty Coleman, who made it all up. 


Trivia question from yesterday:

What year did Televisions appear on retail shelves?

  • 1932
  • 1938
  • 1942
  • 1950

Answer: 1938


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