Recently I went to Philbrook Museum of Art here in Tulsa to do a photo shoot for a friend, Kathi Morrison, and her family.  When we were done I left the family and went traipsing around the museum on my own for a while.  When I came down stairs I found Kathi’s daughter, Lauren, at a little kid’s drawing table drawing herself in a mirror. Her brother was there as well and asked me, “Do you know how to draw”?  I said yes and sat across from his sister and started to draw her drawing herself as he watched.  This is the drawing that resulted.

The Model LM - drawing

Lauren Morrison

Here is a photo I took of her earlier in the day during the family portrait session.


Lauren Morrison

Here is Lauren with the rest of her family in one of the group portraits.

Kathi Morrison and Family

If you haven’t had a chance to get to Philbrook you really should go. It’s the former home of Waite Phillips of Phillips 66 gasoline fame and is now a world class museum. It has the original mansion as well as a large modern addition where temporary exhibitions, lectures and educational activities take place. It even has a fantastic restaurant called ‘The Villa’ that serves lunch and a great Sunday brunch.  And, as the photo below shows, it’s got an incredible outdoor space. What you see here is both the formal and informal Italian gardens.  Behind and to the left and right are great open spaces with sculptures, walkways and a creek.


Philbrook at Sunset by Marty Coleman

You can find more information at


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