The Adventures of the Bodyless Girl Ghosts continue…

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The Bodyless Girl Ghosts Have Dinner

After they left Ethel and Mabel, they made their way past the billboard advertising the new Wolla Tompo Crematorium and flew into the center of town.  Penelope, the Girl Ghost leader, thought they should get something to eat. In truth, bodyless ghosts don’t really eat since they can’t digest anything, not having any bodies, but they like to chew and swallow and they like to smell so they do it anyway.

It was very cold out so when Isabel saw the cute little Italian place with a warm glow through the windows they decided to try it out.  They could see a crackling fireplace and candles at the table and knew it would be just perfect. Since they have no bodies they can never get in without someone opening doors for them. You would think they could, being ghosts and all, but they’ve tried and just end up getting frustrated trying to turn knobs with no hands.

They did what they usually do, press up against a window looking sad and cold until someone opens the door and lets them in.  In this case it was the hostess, a young girl still in high school named Persephone.  Mergatroid, the picky ghost, made fun of her name when she saw it on her name tag.  That made Persephone cry which in turn made Tootie, the smallest, most sensitive of the girl ghosts, butt heads with Merg and tell her to shut up.

Tootie floated over to Persephone and told her to ignore Merg, that she was a bitter old ghost who didn’t like anything.  Persephone felt better and told her she was just overtired because she had to work everyday in this place until spring, when she could go visit her parents down in the valley.  She was stuck in this supposed winter wonderland until then.  Persephone dried her eyes, came back and set up a table for them.

The Girl Ghost gang floated at a table and enjoyed big bowls of pasta and plenty of bold red wine. Bodyless ghosts like pasta because they can suck it straight up out of the bowl without worrying about forks and spoons, which they can’t use very well at all.  Plus, as they drink, they love to whip the pasta around in their mouths and splatter each other with sauce. It’s there dining entertainment. 

Later they said their goodbyes to Persephone, promising to visit her again in the valley come springtime.  Tootie got her email address, and though bodyless ghosts aren’t very good at typing, she promised to write her during the cold winter months remaining so she wouldn’t be so lonely. They flew over to the Wolla Tompo Inn and hovered outside, not wanting to go in, being a bit tipsy with pasta sauce all over their faces.  Finally the cold got the better of them and they had to go in and check into their room with the 2 double beds (girl ghosts sleep at least 5 to a bed since they don’t have to worry about being kicked).

They slept well and woke up excited to try skiing later that day, even if they were hungover.

The End


Drawing and story by Marty Coleman, who made it all up.


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