I am speaking this week at the Social Media Tulsa Conference.  A link to the conference website is below and you are invited to attend.  My topic is ‘The Compelling Image in the Age of Social Media’.  This week I am drawing some images that will introduce various areas I want to cover.  

photography 1

What Compels You?

This one applies whether you are posting your photo to social media sites or not.  It’s about focusing less on documenting the dry look of what happens and focusing more on capturing the compelling feeling of what happens. 

Look for the Feeling

This can happen in one of 2 ways. You can choose to focus on something that, in it’s very look, visualizes a feeling. The drawing above is an example of that.  The bloody foot and sock after an ultra marathon tell more about the feeling of the event than does a simple photo of the participant raising a medal with a smiling face.  Obviously, there is nothing wrong with photographing that smiling face, but if you REALLY want to express the feeling, you might consider looking at what conveys that feeling.  Is it the sweat on the brow, the person pouring water over their head, maybe the bloody sock?  Investigate how the feeling is visualized in the moment and capture it.

Create the Feeling

The other way it can happen is by the technique you use to take the photograph. I once took a series of photos at one of my daughters’ birthday party.  We had a pinata set up and I took a number of photos of the kids at the party swinging at it.  In most of the photos my flash worked as you would expect, it froze the action.  But in a few I purposely set the exposure of the camera much longer, so the flash went off but there was a trail of action that was in the photo as well.   Those were the images that gave the feeling of the girls having fun, swinging at a pinata.  The feeling was in the action, not just in the frozen moment.  Learn what techniques you have available to you to help get across the feeling.

Social Media Tulsa Conference

The conference is Thurs/Fri, March 21st & 22nd at the Mayo Hotel in beautiful downtown Tulsa.  You can still register to attend, here is the link to the Social Media Tulsa website with the agenda, schedule, speakers, etc.  

My presentation is Thursday, 3/21 at 3:30 in the Penthouse of the Mayo Hotel.  It is going to be a combination of speaking and hands on workshop.  If weather permits we will be going out onto the roof of the Mayo to take photos so bring your camera phone if not a bigger camera!


Drawing by Marty Coleman

Quote by David Alan Harvey


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