I compel you to look at Photography part 2.  You can hear more about it at the Social Media Tulsa Conference where I will be speaking and leading a hands-on session on creating Compelling Images for Social Media.

photography 2

Screw The Fashion Police

You are in the crowd at the edge of the red carpet at the Oscars and a famous star with a snake tattoo, a bizarre dress that is sure to put her on the worst dress list and some god-awful makeup walks by as the crowd around you whispers terrible things about her.  But you? All you see are earrings that rock your world. Everyone else hates them but you love them.  You take a quick pic of all of her because that is what you are supposed to do, but then you focus in and take a photo of what you really love, her earrings.  

That individual photo might seem to be about a Star’s earrings but do that again and again and again, wherever you go, and people will realize it’s also about you.  They will see who you are. You will have your own identity, your own point of view, your own visualization of who you are and what you love in the world.  And everyone else will know who you are as well.  

And there you have the secret of how to find a compelling image, by having the courage to follow what compels you.  It’s as simple as that.  


Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who design her tattoo for her.

Quote also by Marty Coleman, who designed her earrings too.  However, she is to blame for the makeup, which I tried to talk her out of.



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