Last we saw the Bodyless Ghirl Ghosts they were taking bubble baths in various hotel rooms.  This is what happened next.

ghirl ghosts 12

Drying off

After they snuck in and had bubble baths all over the hotel they had to dry off.  They aren’t very good with towels, having no hands, so what they do is fly underneath the towels on the racks and float up into them, turning round and round inside to dry off.  This is why humans find that towels are often wet on the inside. Humans have been fooled into believing it’s lack of evaporation, but that isn’t the truth.  It’s a conspiracy waiting to be uncovered.

The almost got caught when ten of them went in the women’s locker room in the gym of the resort.  A little ghirl who can see ghirl ghosts came in and walked past the towels. The bodyless ghirl ghosts acted frozen and stiff, hoping the little ghirl wouldn’t see them. The ghirl did see them but just thought they were the coolest towels ever with faces on them.  She even dried herself off with the one that Maranatha was floating in. Maranatha was not happy about that since she got all wet again and got very dizzy when the little ghirl pretended to be a cowgirl and whipped the towel around driving cattle. Maranatha was very dizzy.  The rest of the bodyless ghirl ghosts wanted to laugh but couldn’t. 


Drawing and short story by Marty Coleman


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