My Morning Routine

I typically get up around 5:30am and have about an hour to myself before Linda calls me in to cuddle before she gets out of bed.  My usual routine was to let the dogs out, make coffee and go into my office/studio immediately. In April I decided to add some early morning stretching and calisthenics into that routine.  Instead of going directly into my studio while the coffee brewed I went into the living room and stretched.  I am not a limber guy by any means and stretching is something I really need to do for my running.  While I was doing the stretching I started to add some light calisthenics. I timed the exercises to about the same time it took the coffee to brew.  Over the course of the months I have worked out a very brief workout routine that is easy to do with no need for equipment or extra space. If you have a space on the floor as big as your body, you have room.

Exercise #1 – Glute Kickbacks


exercise routine


Version #1

Version #1 starts with your leg bent with the knee on the ground. You kick the leg back to be slightly above horizontal and return it. You aren’t kicking hard, just putting it out there until it’s straight. And yes, I know the drawing makes it look like the person is farting. She might be, farting is allowed!

Version #2

In version #2 you put your leg straight out back and have your big toe touching the ground. You then lift your leg up past horizontal and return it to the ground (or close, you don’t need to touch the ground and break your toe!) I usually do this version, I just like it better. And yes, the drawing sort of looks like she is peeing. That is not allowed, it will ruin the carpet.

To Repeat or Not  Repeat

You can do the reps two ways. One way is to pick a number, 10 to start is good, and do them, one leg at a time (as opposed to alternating legs like you are riding a bike). You will do those, go on to the next exercises and then return to these after you have done the circuit.  When I do it this way I do the circuit 3 times.

The other way is non-repeating.  This way is one time only. You don’t pick a number, you just do it until you can’t do them. You do it to ‘fail’.  I do this way when I have less time to do the entire workout. You aren’t going to come back to these at the end of your circuit of exercises. You will be done after one circuit.


The benefits of this exercise are in your glutes (that’s your butt just in case you weren’t sure) and your hamstrings (the muscles on the back of your thighs).

When to Start

DO NOT wait until January 1st. That is an arbitrary date, it means nothing. If you start this (or any) exercise regimen now, and start in on making some simple diet changes, you can lose 5 lbs by the start of 2014.  Why wait?  I will talk more about all of this as this series continues. In the meanwhile, today is the day.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments, I would love to hear them.


Exercise #6 – Lunges

Exercise #5 – Jumping and Laying Down Jacks

Exercise #3 and #4 – Abdominal Crunches and Oblique Crunches

Exercise #2 – Push Ups

Exercise #1 – Glute Kickbacks



Drawing and exercise plan by Marty Coleman, © 2013  – All Rights Reserved



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