My Morning Routine

When I first started doing this morning routine it was just stretching and warming up for the day.  I still stretch and warm up before I do the exercises because I am an old and creaky guy. You should limber up too, even if you aren’t old and creaky.   The run groups I coach always start with an active warm up time to get the blood flowing, the heart beat up just a bit and the joints and muscles lubricated and ready to work.  It’s alway a time to just be quiet and meditate for a few moments before you start exercising.

Exercise #2 – Push Ups


Version #1

This is the version you need to do.  Even if you can do only one pushup this way, you need to do it this way. It’s where you want to get to so why not work at it from the very beginning. If you can’t do 5 pushups this way, do at least one, then do the other 4 in the version #2 method.  A full push up goes all the way until your nose touches the ground.

Version #2

Forget the sexist crap about this being the version for women. It isn’t. It’s the version for those who aren’t yet strong enough to do version #1. That’s it. It has nothing to do with whether you have a penis or vagina. Nothing.  Here is the truth, male or female – if you can’t do one pushup in the version #1 method, then start with version #2.  If you can do 5 of version #2 then next time you do the exercise start with #1 and try to do one of that.  Keep trying #1 each and every time you do pushups.  Do not settle for version #2, it’s only for those who can’t do #1 and everyone can do #1 if they work at it.

To Repeat or Not Repeat

Once again you can do these as part of a circuit of exercises that you repeat 3 or more times, or you can do them once to the fail point. Both have their benefits and you should try both types of regimens during the week.


Obviously the arms and chest are the prime beneficiary of pushups. In the arms it’s the entire shoulder and the triceps (back of the arms) that get the bulk of the workout. The pectorals of the chest are being built as well.

Remember, to lose weight you have to burn calories. To burn calories you have to have metabolically active tissue, and that’s muscle, not fat.  If you build muscle you get a better metabolism and that means better calorie burning.

When To Start

Duh, now. Don’t wait until you have the right workout clothes or the right mat or the right headband. Do it first, then get all those things as you have time.


Exercise #6 – Lunges

Exercise #5 – Jumping and Laying Down Jacks

Exercise #3 and #4 – Abdominal Crunches and Oblique Crunches

Exercise #2 – Push Ups

Exercise #1 – Glute Kickbacks


Drawing and workout description by Marty Coleman



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