While coffee brews workout exercise #6


In Place, Forward and Backward

I use lunges as part of my running group’s active warm up before every run.  It’s a great way to get your large leg and butt muscles warmed up and ready to go.  These are so easy to do wherever you are, in work clothes, pajamas, or naked, and it takes no time at all to get a good bun and thigh burn in, there no excuse to not do them a few times a day.

When I am doing these in my morning workout I do them standing in place, not walking forward. I go forward and back in the same movement, for about 20-40 reps.  Then I switch legs and do the other one forward and back as well.

Lunges help build your glutes (your butt) as well as your major thigh muscles, front and back.


  • Keep your back straight and your head level.
  • Push your butt forward a bit when you go forward.
  • Don’t let your front knee go past your toes.
  • Use dumbbells if you have them. Hold them down by your side.  Don’t use heavy ones at first.
  • Balance aptitude as one of it’s primary goals.  Focus on that at first over heavy dumbbell weights.


Exercise #6 – Lunges

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Drawing and guidelines by Marty Coleman, whose butt is in pretty good shape due to these.



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