I had to drop off one of our cars to be serviced this week. I waited at a Tulsa Starbucks for a few hours hoping the car would be done without me having to drive home and back.

Here is the finished version of the line drawing I did in my sketchbook while there.


Two Women at a Tulsa Starbucks


I thought it might be fun for you to see how one of my drawings looks before it is finished so I scanned it before I shaded it. Here’s the flat, color-only version.


Two women talking at a tulsa starbucks while it snows - color only 2014


The original drawing was done in pen. Here it is before any color was added. 




What do you think? Is the final drawing the best or do you like one of the other two better? 

And another question, what does it look like they were talking about?  What are their stories?


Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman


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