Last we saw them, the bodyless Ghirl Ghosts were having a Bodyless Ghirl Ghosts Weekend. Meanwhile, their Ghost babies were being baby sat back home.  


Baby ghirl ghosts get a surprise


Ghost Babies

Wait… you didn’t know ghosts had baby ghosts? Yep, they can.  If the ghosts have bodies they have babies the normal ghost way, through their ghost private parts.  But if they are bodyless Ghirl Ghosts like the ghosts in our story, they can’t do it that way since they don’t have ghost private parts.  So, they give birth to their baby bodyless ghosts through their mouths.  Yes, Once they have ghost sex (which for bodyless ghosts is just making out) they pop them out like bubbles from their ghost mouth.  Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Ghost Ghoos

So, while their ghost moms were off having their little holiday, the baby ghirl ghosts were being baby sat.  Another cool thing about being a ghost is you don’t need other ghosts to babysit.  All you need is Ghost Ghoo.  Ghost Ghoo is something all ghosts can release, sort of like ghost poop, but it’s not gross.  It is a part of the ghost who let’s it out that stays behind. The ghost gives it instructions and it follows them.  It’s like a ghost rhobot.  So, in this case the ghost ghoos was instructed to take care of the baby ghosts. They fed them, got them to take naps, let them play safely, took them on field trips and more.

Causing Trouble for the Ghoos

But on this day there was trouble.  The baby ghosts being taken care of by the red ghost ghoo got very rambunctious and wouldn’t obey the Red Ghost Ghoo.  They fought, tried to run away and played practical jokes on the Red Ghost Ghoo.  It got so bad that the Red Ghost Ghoo broke apart into pieces, which is what ghost ghoos do when they get really flustered.  The biggest piece collapsed on the floor into a ghoo pile and started to cry.

The other Ghost Ghoos; Orange, Blue, Green and Pink, did their best to round up all the baby ghosts that the Red Ghost Ghoo had been taking care of.  It took them a long time and they were none too happy about it.  They gave a stern lecture to the baby ghosts about obeying authority and made them apologize to the Red Ghost Ghoo.

Horror Movie

As punishment and as a lesson about what happens when they don’t obey they made them watch a very scary horror movie about evil people trying to destroy them called Ghostbusters.

The End

To see and read the whole Ghirl Ghost series of short stories, click on the ‘series’ drop down menu to the right and go to ‘Bodyless Ghirl Ghosts‘.


Drawing and story by Marty Coleman



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