There had to be a million or so people around the globe watching and photographing the Bloodmoon last night.  I was one of them.  





My friends on Facebook seemed very happy when I posted these.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you, the Napkin Kin, also are happy that I posted here. Of course, they, and you, could go to a thousand other better photographers’ websites or social media sites and see much better photos of the moon.  Why did they respond with comments like “Marty: Thank you for capturing this. Now I am happy. I was sad, that I missed it.”?  I think it’s because relationship connections are what it’s about.  Evette, who posted that comment, knows me. She knows I posted this to share with her and my friends. That means something to her. I am not a magazine, I am not a photo agency, I am not removed from her. I am connected.




It’s no different than when a friend of mine gets to go to a special event. If I see photos they took of it or read their description and feelings about the event, I feel connected. I am happy and grateful they shared it with me. I am experiencing it with them and through them.  It’s not the same as just any old photo of the event by a stranger. 




Linda mentioned as we were looking at the moon how many others on the planet were looking at the same thing at the same time.  It’s an amazing thought.  What takes that thought to the land of happy wonder for me is how many of my friends around the globe either saw it or felt connected by seeing my photos of it.




I think we live on a pretty cool orb. I love that we have been blessed to be conscious of it and intelligent enough to explore it, and the universe beyond, together.  Knowing there is friendship and love at that heart of it all gives all that wonder and awareness the greatest meaning and value in my book.


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