She was born in 1975 in Tupelo, Mississippi but moved with her family to Paris, France at the age of 2.  She had been married but her American husband had been killed in the Iraq War. She was an accountant and liked to do crafts.  She had one son.


A Woman Pointing at a Sculpture of Herself


Chapter One

The mom brought her son to see the museum exhibition of the famous artist’s work.  She had been a muse for the artist, posing for a giant sculpture of her head, as well as a number of paintings. The artist had painted 10 paintings of her but only two were in the show. Both were big paintings of her jumping. In one, she was jumping over a fence to escape a bear. In the other she was jumping into a pool to escape a fire.

Chapter Two

After they saw the paintings they went into the gallery that had the giant sculpture. She explained to her son that she had to sit still for a whole hour, then would get a 5 minute break, then would have to sit again for another hour and how this went on for about 4 hours each day for a month. The son thought that would be really boring.

Chapter Three

The son also thought the sculpture was boring because it was just his mom, only really big.  The son got excited though when two young women came up to his mom and asked her if she was the model.  They asked all sorts of questions about the artist and wondered if the artist was looking for models because they thought it would be cool to pose for a famous artist.  The mom said the artist was always looking for models and to just email the artist through the artist’s website.  The son pointed to the giant sculpture and said, “My mom had to sit still for like forever and barely ever got to go pee.”  The two women laughed and patted him on the head.

Chapter Four

They looked at the other paintings in the exhibition and the son asked all sorts of questions.  His mom answered them all as best she could. He told her he thought the paintings of her jumping to escape things were the best in the whole show and asked if they could go back into that other gallery to see those paintings again.  He also said the painting of the man with the blue penis was really funny because no one really has a blue one.

Chapter Five

After they left the museum they went for ice cream as it was a very hot day.  The son told the mom she was prettier than the art she was in.  The mom smiled and was happy.


What is the gender of the artist?



Drawing and short story by Marty Coleman



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