Millicent had never been the subject of a short story before. She had been mentioned in a weird poem her 10th grade boyfriend had written for her when he was high on pot, but never a short story.


The Interpreter - Gallery #4


Chapter One

Millicent had never been in an art gallery before.  She did go into one with her father in Sausalito when she was 11 and stole a pair of earrings, but never as an adult.

Chapter Two

Millicent was hired at the last minute to sub for Berthe, who had come down with Shingles and couldn’t work. She had subbed last minute plenty of times for Sid the alcoholic, but never for Berthe. 

Chapter Three

Millicent had never seen a painting of a naked person in person before.  She had seen pictures years ago in some dirty magazines her brother had, but never a painting.

Chapter Four

Millicent had never worn stripes and polka dots together to work before.  She had worn stripes and paisley together once to her husband’s Christmas office party where she drank too much Vodka, but never stripes and polka dots.

Chapter Five

Millicent had never taken the N Judah trolley to the end of the line before.  She had taken the M Owl all the way to the end before, when she was depressed about her oldest son being caught putting on her makeup, but never the N Judah.

Chapter Six

Millicent had never had to actually interpret the word ‘breast’ in public before. She had to sign ‘butt’ plenty of times, but never the word ‘breast’.

Chapter Seven

Millicent had never eaten Sushi before but that is where the class went after the gallery.  She had eaten raw chicken once and got sick, but never fish.

Chapter Eight 

Millicent had never worn salmon colored eyeshadow before but got some for Christmas and decided to try it. She had worn peach colored eyeshadow before, but never salmon.

Chapter Nine

Millicent had never contemplated divorce before but she saw her husband with a big busted blonde in a Starbucks across the street from the gallery as they walked in.  She had contemplated killing him before, but never divorce.


Millicent divorced her husband, wore salmon colored eyeshadow every day, gave her peach colored eyeshadow to her son, got a fish tank, wore stripes and polka dots together often and started painting for fun.  Her best friend Geraldo even posed for her naked once.

The End

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