Drawing at Crystal Bridges

The origin of the drawing was a quick sketch at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. There was an area of the temporary exhibition where people were handing out paper and clipboards and encouraging people to draw.  I took one and told them I would use my own pen but they said pens weren’t allowed.  So I used their pastels instead. I only took the black one, which they thought was odd. I did the quick sketch of my wife Linda gesturing like a spokesmodel on ‘The Price is Right’ to two paintings behind her and brought it home with me. I drew and painted it to completion this morning.



The Explainer - Gallery #9


The Nickname – A Short Short Story


Penelope hated her nickname.

Chapter One

She was excited to go to the opening because she really liked the artist. She wore a strapless dress and clunky heels.  She spent a fair amount of time at the opening explaining to her friend, Benita, different things about the paintings.  Benita listened but didn’t really care. She just kept thinking how glad she was she didn’t have that nickname, especially in this particular situation.


Penelope eventually moved away from New York. She landed in St. Paul, Minnesota and made sure no one there ever knew her nickname.

The End



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