Rock, Paper, Scissors - Gallery #5

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Chapter One

The artist had 3 friends.  The 3 friends were with the artist at a bar one night when they all saw a very attractive man at the same time.  They decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would get the first chance of going up and saying hello.  Paper won.

Chapter Two

The artist took a picture of them playing the game.  He decided to make 3 sculptures of his friends and used the photo of their game playing as a basis for the artwork.  The 3 friends didn’t know he was doing this.

Chapter Three

The 3 friends went to the artist’s gallery opening and immediately knew the pieces were of them by the hair and eye shadow color.  The crowd loved the 3 sculptures and they sold quickly to a famous collector from Washington D.C..  He was very excited to meet the 3 models and had his assistant take a photo of himself with the models and artist in front of the pieces.


Paper ended up pregnant with the very attractive man she met that night at the bar.  The baby was born 9 months later. and by that time the very attractive man at the bar had enlisted in the army and was off in Afghanistan. He was killed by an IED the day after the baby was born.  Paper moved back to Minneapolis to live with her parents. They helped raise the baby while she worked and got her GED then bachelors degree.  She worked as a bookkeeper for 40 years and never married.  Her daughter became an art dealer.

The artist went on to have a great career, in large part because the collector had bought those pieces.  He ended up marrying Scissors who went on to get her Ph.D in Anthropology and taught at Columbia until she retired.  

The collector sold the 3 pieces 15 years later for 17.5 million dollars at Sotheby’s to an anonymous telephone bidder.  He reinvested the money in land and retired to the Virginia countryside to raise horses.  

Rock turned out to be the anonymous buyer of the sculptures. She had made her fortune in Pharmaceuticals, working her way up from salesperson to CEO of a very large company.  She displayed the sculptures in the lobby of her company, feeling they reinforced her philosophy that hard work, game playing and chance were the driving force behind all success.

The paintings the artist did of nude men with big penises didn’t sell at all and he stopped painting them.  They eventually ended up in storage in the barn at the family farm in Texas.  They were stored in a loft, covered with sheets and stuck behind a wall of barrels, undiscovered until 28 years later, after the artist died unexpectedly. His children put the paintings up for auction where they fetched 225 million dollars, a record for a recently deceased artist at the time. Paper’s daughter was the dealer who sold the paintings. Her commission was 11 million dollars.

The End


© 2015 Marty Coleman

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