Chapter One

Once upon a time there was a very tall woman named Galindra. Most of her height was due to her very, very big head. Without her head she would be three feet tall. But her head was six feet tall all by itself so she ended up being 9 feet tall. Luckily she also had very, very long and skinny arms that allowed her to reach the top of her head. This was important when it came to grooming habits. 

Chapter Two

One day Galindra went to an art gallery. She was going on a blind date and they decided to meet there. It was a hot summer day and she wore her favorite yellow shorts and her tight blue top. She wore flesh-colored flats that made her look like she was barefoot.  She straightened her hair (it took an hour) and put on her summer makeup, including trying false eyelashes for the very first time. 

Chapter Three

Galindra was there first. She walked around the gallery enjoying the paintings.  They were of men doing various activities that involved holding things that looked very phallic to her.  In addition there were part of things coming in from the edge of the paintings that were also quite phallic, like elephant trunks, baseball bats and long skinny party balloons. She thought these were very funny and interesting. She became engrossed in trying to figure out the meaning behind each of the paintings.

Chapter Four

As time passed she realized she was being stood up. The blind date had not shown up. This made her very angry and she expressed her frustration right in the middle of the gallery. She had been stood up many times over the years. She knew it was because of her big head. It made her so mad because she really was a smart, funny, kind and attractive woman but no one ever gave her a chance to show it because all they saw was her head.

Chapter Five

When she finished her little demonstration of anger and frustration she noticed someone had come into the room.  He walked over to her and asked if she was ok.  She said yes, that she had just been stood up and was venting.  The man said, “I am sorry you were stood up, that was very rude of the person.”  Galindra thanked him and asked him his name as she put her hand out to shake his.  He said, “My name is Art. This is my exhibition actually.”

Chapter Six

Galindra shook his hand and said, “Oh My God, I want to ask you so many questions! Would you mind?”  Art responded, “No, I would love to answer your questions.”  Galindra and Art walked around the gallery talking about the paintings for the next 2 hours until Galindra said she had to go get something to eat because she was starting to feel faint.  Art asked if she would like to go to lunch with him and she said yes.

Chapter Seven

Galindra and Art became very good friends.  Art eventually got up enough nerve to ask her if she would model for him.  He ended up doing a series of 12 paintings of her in all sorts of situations, from nude to being dressed up like an astronaut.  He mounted an exhibition of the paintings and the show became his most popular ever.  The paintings were featured in Art News and Art Forum magazines. The CBS TV show, Sunday Morning did a long segment on the two of them with their favorite interviewer, Mo Roca, doing the interview.


Galindra and Art got married 2 years later.  They had seven children, all of whom had big heads and long arms. They eventually had 27 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren .  They had an apartment in Manhattan, a summer house on Cape Cod and winter home in the Swiss alps. Galindra lived to be 88 years old and Art lived to be 92.

The man who stood Galindra up at the gallery was hit by a truck the next day and died.

The End


© 2015 Marty Coleman



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