Street Photography Not on the Street

I went to London and Paris in June of this year (2015)and went to a number of museums. When I am going through a museum I am not looking to take pictures of the art work. That’s pretty much a complete bore to me. What I like is doing street photography in a museum setting. I look for composition and juxtaposition.  Some are taken with my 2008 Panasonic Lumix G1, others with my iPhone. Neither is great in low light so the grain is often apparent. I don’t mind that.

  • Some are finely arranged, with my spending quite a long time waiting or maneuvering to get just the right shot.
  • Some are hip-high blind shots I take as I am moving.
  • Some are are about seeing an art piece without the distraction of the crowd.
  • Some are all about the crowd and the feeling of the human space.
  • Some are funny.
  • Some are beautiful.

It’s one of my favorite things in the world to walk through a museum finding these images. I hope you like them.


British Museum



Atrium, British Museum



Composition with Gun Chair and Boy



Composition with Leather and Dog



Composition with Nude and Suit



Composition with Nude and Stares



Running in the Circle of Books


Composition with Hidden Lego on the Elgin Marbles



Tate Modern



Composition with Grate, LIne and Yellow



Composition with Selfie and Marilyn



Composition with Painting and Bra Strap



Composition with Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky and Walking Woman



Photographs © 2015 Marty Coleman |



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