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Oh No You DI’INT!

My wife, Linda, and I sometimes have a bit of a tiff because one of us was sure we told the other something but the other person insists they were never told. She might say she was sure she told me to pay a bill by a certain day. Oh, no you DI’INT! Or maybe I will say I remember distinctly telling her that so and so called. Oh, no you DI’INT!

In most cases what was said actually was said.  She told me, I told her.  The problem isn’t what was said, it’s what was heard.  I know I am guilty plenty of times of not registering what someone has said to me.  I am going to go out on a limb and say my wife has been guilty of it a time or two as well. We thought we were communicating but if no one hears it, were we really?

What We Have Here

In the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ Luke, the character played by Paul Newman, is subjected to a boat load of punishment because he will not obey his jailers.  In the most famous scene of the movie (and #11 in the all time greatest Hollywood movie quotes) his jailer, after beating him says to the onlooking prisoners, “What we have here is failure to communicate.”  But when you actually watch the scene and hear the next line, “Some men you just can’t reach”, what the jailer seems to really be saying is there is a failure to listen. That is different than communicating.  He is blaming Luke for not listening, not himself for not communicating properly.

But in our daily life it behooves us to ask questions from both sides. First, am I actually communicating well? Is what I am saying accurate and making sense? And second, is the person listening?  And if they are, are they actually comprehending what it is I am saying?

If we can do those things we are closer to making sure communication actually has taken place, right?

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Quote by George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish Playwright



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