Countable Seeds

I have 4 daughters. Those are the seeds I can count.

I have coached over 1,000 runners. Those are seeds I can count.

I have produced hundreds of pieces of art over the years. Those are seeds I can count.

Uncountable Apples

My daughters have had many relationships, travels, experiences, jobs, homes, discussions, and interactions. I can’t count those.

My runners have run in many locations and over many distances. They have talked to many people about running and our program. I can’t count those.

My art has been seen, shared, bought, displayed, discussed, printed, and talked about by millions (yes, millions) of people.  I can’t count those.


Faith means knowing it’s not the amount of countable seeds that matter, it’s the uncountable apples, filled with love and kindness, that do.

Drawing and commentary © 2015 Marty Coleman |

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