More Stress

There really is barely any other time of the year that can engender such high levels of stress among parents and families as Christmas.  Why is that?  It’s the same reason stress rears its ugly head at any other time, expectations of perfection.  The tree needs to be perfect, the food, the presents, the living arrangements, the activities, the conversation, the travel plans, and more.  The perceived need for perfection is the recipe for stress.

Less Stress

Then why do certain families not have the same level of stress as others at Christmas time? It certainly isn’t that they decorate less or plan less or do less. It’s because they have all those activities in their proper place, as secondary to love. Loving their family and friends is what drives them, not presenting perfection to them.  

What is most important

That doesn’t mean you aren’t showing love by making a beautiful Christmas experience for them. Working hard to make it all be fantastic is great. What isn’t great is thinking that if everything isn’t perfect you have failed.  Because failure comes from your family walking away from Christmas feeling stressed themselves.  Success comes from them feeling loved.

Focus on that and you won’t let Christmas get your tinsel in a tangle.


Drawing and commentary © 2015 Marty Coleman |

Quote was contributed by @Lornaknits on Periscope for our monthly drawing giveaway. The Best Christmas Quote was this month and this one got the most votes.  Congrats Lorna!



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