I started working with a drawing app, Sketchbook Express by Autodesk, on my ipad mini last year. The method was pretty simple. I had a total of 3 layers to work with. I started with simple photographic portrait as the base layer. I then did some finger painting on the layers above. I started interchanging layers and opacities, erasing and layering again, until I got something interesting. I got a piece of gear to use with the ipad called ‘pencil’ which is just a stylus. I sometimes use it but most of the drawings are still basically finger painting.  The photos are of friends and family. Most are online friends, either on Periscope, the live video app, or on Facebook. Some are images they took themselves and others are screenshots I took of them while they were doing their live videos.

To see the slide show, just click left or right on the image.  This is an embedded gallery from my flickr.com site.

Digital Portraits

I wasn’t expecting it, but they have begun to sell. If you are interested in having one done of you on commission, or in buying one you see, let me know at marty@martycoleman.com


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