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You Are the Bundle

This was an interesting one to draw. Once I finished the drawing I didn’t really like it much. It just didn’t make sense. A woman holding a bundle of sticks is going to stop some jerk?  The I realized it wasn’t the bundle of sticks doing the stopping, it was the woman. the WOMAN was the bundle. She was strong because of all the various ‘sticks’ she was made of.  She isn’t just strong as one thing, she is strong because she is many things.  Each of those things by themselves might be a weakness, but even the weakest stick is strong when in a bundle, right?

All Of You

That is why your supposed flaws are really only dangerous to you if you are ONLY your flaws. But you aren’t. You are your strength, your humor, your perseverance, your attitude, your skill, your craft, your intelligence, your wisdom, your judgment, your toughness.  In with those things are also your fears, your anger, your panic, your laziness, your self-righteousness, your forgetfulness, your selfishness, your lack of common sense.  They make you stronger than if you are just one thing.  And that means, if you bring all those things out, even some of the negative ones, at the right time, you won’t be broken.

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |

Quote is a Kenyan proverb


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