Intelligent Life – The Universe #2

Science Fiction

Funny how Science Fiction always shows aliens coming here who are way more advanced than we are.  But if they were so advanced so as to be able to get here, wouldn’t they be advanced enough to know they would be wading into a big mess and avoid us? I am being funny but for a purpose.

Our point of view is always that we are the most intelligent thing around. But in science fiction we often assume more intelligent beings out there somewhere. But doesn’t that assume they are learning the same things we are in roughly the same order? But how do we know that? And, more importantly, how do we know what it is we don’t know yet?

Intelligent Predictions

The answer is, we don’t. There are predictors that sometimes can be somewhat accurate in the short term (meaning 10-100 years) but beyond that time frame the organic evolution of our science, technology, society, etc. is simply not predictable with any level of certainty.  I mean, think about it, who could have predicted 500 years ago that we would have communication devices in our pocket that could send pictures through the air? Or that we would discover that other animals on earth have very complex and sophisticated social and communication structures coming close to our own in many ways? Or that there are microscopic life forms in and on our bodies that we can’t live without?

So, yes, there might be ‘intelligent’ life forms out there, but how and why they are intelligent is probably not something we have even guessed at yet. And that allows us to keep thinking creatively about it, but it should also keep us humble about what we think might be out there as well.

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |

Quote by Arthur C. Clarke, 1917-2008, British Author

The original drawing or a print are available for purchase.  Matte and frame are also available.

Behind Every Person Now Alive – updated 2017

Halloween is soon to arrive! Look behind you, can’t you see the 30 coming after you…..

I know, I know….it’s probably not EXACTLY 30. But there are EXACTLY 30 headstones in the drawing…I think. Count them for me, ok?

Drawing © Marty Coleman

“Behind every person now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living.” – Arthur C. Clarke

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