My 2011 Christmas Card to You

This is my 2011 Christmas card to you, my Napkin Kin.

Merry and Happy

And the most important thing; he liked them.  He didn’t hang out with all those odd people trying to convert them,  feeling sorry for them, or feeling an obligation to ‘minister’ to them.  If he had, they wouldn’t have trusted him. Even back then a person can tell when someone has an agenda for the relationship.  What I believe is that he liked who they were.  He didn’t spend his time figuring out how to appear to care for them.  He just cared for them.

And guess what? He let them care for him too.  I mean, after all, is there a greater outcast in history than Jesus?  They liked him even with all his wild ideas and uber-serious talk about God and heaven.  They stuck by their friend even when he acted really strange and seemed self-destructive (which he was when you think about it).  They forgave what they probably thought of as his arrogance (Really, you’re saying you are the Son of God? Really?).

My Christmas wish is that, if you are an outcast, you will be given the gift of feeling both loved and liked exactly as you are.  If you are not, then my Christmas wish is that you will tear down the fearful wall of judgment and bring the outcast in.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, An outcast lover since 1973.

Quote by John Ortberg, American pastor

Walking on Water -Christmas Week #1

It’s day #1 of Christmas week at The Napkin Dad Daily!

Jesus 1

When I first saw this quote I thought it said, “…if you CAN’T follow in his footsteps.” That fit in well with my feelings about Jesus as a man who taught vs Jesus as a mythic figure who was a God Man who did superhuman miracles.  I like Jesus the man, I can follow in some of his footsteps no and then.  I don’t have much in common with Jesus the God Man, I can’t follow in his footsteps.

But, the quote actually says, “…if you DON’T follow in his footsteps.”  That implies it’s something you could do if you only chose to do it.  And to wonder about that question in the first place you have to take Jesus walking on water literally.  You have to believe he really did it and, in addition, that he wants you to do it too.   That brings the idea to a whole new area of exploration.

So, here are my questions. Do you think that Jesus really did walk on water or no? If he did, then did he really want us to attempt that same thing? And if so, for what purpose?  If he didn’t really walk on water, then what does the mythical story represent? What are we suppose to learn and enact from that story?

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, being a bad example of a good man since 1976.

Quote by Anonymous.  Actually, since it is anonymous I could have changed it to “can’t” and know one would have been the wiser! hmmm…

Black Friday Reality Check Day – The Debt of Christmas

It’s Black Friday Reality Check Day


Here is a simple idea:  Do you want to give you and yours a GREAT Christmas? Don’t go into debt giving gifts. Give what you can afford to pay cash for.  If you can’t buy it with cash or a debit card, don’t buy it.  If that means your family and friends think less of you (do you REALLY TRULY think that is going to happen?) then let them think less of you. Why is it ok for them to think less of you? Because there IS less of you! Less money than you are pretending to have.  You DON’T have it so don’t pretend you do.  You aren’t doing anyone any favors by giving gifts you can’t afford just because you are afraid they won’t be happy.  In the long AND short run you will be happier and your family will see you being a great role model for responsible stewardship of your money and resources.  THAT is a great Christmas gift.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

Quote by Anonymous

The Perfect Christmas Tree & A Christmas Poem



 It’s the day before Christmas – A Christmas Poem  

It’s the day before Christmas, 
Most things are done. 
Now it’s about cooking, 
and having some fun. 

A few presents to wrap, 
A little cleaning to do. 
Getting ready for Santa 
To come through the flue. 

Miracle in the background, 
On TV and life. 
A movie, a moment, 
A respite from strife. 

Children amped, 
Anticipation supreme. 
Wanting them happy, 
With joy to beam. 

For me I want,
What I already own.
A family, a love,
A life well honed.

For you and yours,
My wish is the same.
That you have joy,
And love untamed.

I love you all,

Marty Coleman, The Napkin Dad
Christmas, 2010

It Is Christmas In The Heart

The second day of Christmas Week my true love gave to me…

Here’s the thing about ‘Christmas spirit’ – it is a cliche.  It’s overworked, overstated, overused, overforced and over the moon. But it’s also true.

I worked in the restaurant business first when I was 16.  I finished my on and off again illustrious career in that arena when I was 45.  29 years of serving people and I loved it.  I also loved when my customers would inquire as to how I was doing.

Now, all year long, Christmas or not, every time I go out to a retail store, or a restaurant, I always make a point to ask the sales person, waiter, etc. how there day is going or how they are feeling.  Something along that line.  If they say ‘long’ I ask when they get off and if they will be able to relax. If they say ‘good’, I say great. If they say ‘it sucks’ I ask why.  Then if they ask me in return I will tell them.

Christmas spirit has the cliche attached, it’s true. But kindness and thoughfulness do not.  Be kind to the least powerful among you, be thoughtful and don’t judge those whom you don’t know.  It isn’t hard, it just takes extending the reach of your care.  You don’t know how your kindness may be needed right then by that person.  

That was Jesus’s message, that is the Christmas message. And that is not now, nor will it ever will be, a cliche.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

Quote by W. T. Ellis, 1866-? (probably not still alive I surmise).  

>Oh, For The Good Old Days


Ok, a day late, but here we start Jesusmas Week at The Napkin Dad Daily.  See yesterday’s napkin to see why I started today instead of yesterday.
Really, ran out of money?  Then stop shopping already (I say as I prepare to go out the door to go shopping).  

Do you have trouble with this?  Why?  Did you used to and now don’t? Tell us your story, your solutions, your struggle.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

Quote by someone, I don’t know who.

Mele Kalikimaka – updated 2017

My mother loved this song “Mele Kalikimaka’ (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas). It became the thing we would say upon talking to or seeing any family member at the Christmas holiday.

She started it because we moved back east where it was cold and snowy, while her best friend, Betty stayed in San Diego. Betty would rub it in when calling by reminding my mom of how nice and warm it was in California by singing part of that song. It became the family greeting after that.

My mother was a huge Christmas fan, always crying with joy when her kids came home for the holidays. I didn’t cry but I certainly am filled with love and joy to have my eldest, Beka, home this year along with most of the family. Maybe another year it will be everyone.

I wish all of you a love-filled Christmas. If you aren’t with your family I hope you are feeling loved and are loving whoever it is you are with.

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman

The Best Of All Gifts – updated 2017

There it is, my answer for the reason for the season.

The Greatest Gift card
Get ‘The Greatest Gift’ for your Holiday Card

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman

“The best of all gifts around any christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis (pen name for William E. Vaughan) American Writer

The Present that Matters

The Present that Matters

If this gift is in your house and unwrapped, then make sure you display it in the most obvious place.

If this gift is in your house and still wrapped, don’t wait for Santa, let it out of the box now!

If this gift is not in your house, wrap yourself in the brightest ribbon you can find and be that present.

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