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Job Search

My wife Linda is looking for a job. She is incredibly skilled in her profession, which is in Change Management, Business Readiness and Project Management. Her industry has been Public Utilities for over 25 years but her skills translates into many other fields. She’s been applying now for a while. What has she learned during this time? That knowing everything doesn’t matter if you don’t know anybody who can either give you a job or introduce you to someone who can give it to you.

Sly vs Shrewd

It can be frustrating to those who want to be judged solely on their qualifications and their accomplishments. But what they forget is that being social and engaged is a qualification and an accomplishment. Doing most jobs successfully means more than accomplishing a task, it means working with other people and what is that but socializing at some level. The hard part of course is doing that in a forced way. It’s not natural to just ‘like’ a stranger on LinkedIn or Facebook. It seems like you are being fake because you don’t really want to be friends with them, you want to connect with them so you can perhaps get a job. Seems a bit sly. But the truth is it’s not sly, it’s shrewd.

What is Your Goal?

The most important question is, what do you need to do to reach your goal? If you want a job in a certain company or industry, then you need to connect to people at that company and in that industry, simple as that. If you aren’t willing to make that connection, even if it is a bit awkward, then you have to accept that your chances of reaching your goal drops dramatically. It won’t be because you aren’t appreciated, it will be because you weren’t willing to connect.

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman |

“A wise person knows everything, a shrewd one, everybody.” – Chinese Proverb

Hot Water – 2017

I am not sure if this is really good advice or not. But it’s better than ‘get drunk as you can’ and ‘go kill someone’ so let’s say it’s good, ok?

The truth is, most of the time when we think we are in hot water, we aren’t, just like when we take a bath.  We get in and it is HOT! But before too long it’s actually quite temperate.  Bad events are often like that too. We see them as outrageous, unforgivable, irredeemable at first. Then we realize they aren’t as bad as we thought. It might take a while, weeks or months even, but eventually we find we will survive.

So, maybe the best thing to do when you are confronted with getting in trouble is to do exactly this, take a bath.  Or a go for a walk, or a run. Or watch a movie.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, just mellow out for a bit so you can calm down and see the situation through more reasonable eyes.

Then, if you are still in hot water, get a lawyer!

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman |

Quote is a Chinese proverb


Tension vs Relaxation – Identity #1


I identify with the fact that today is the first in the ‘Identity’ series.


Tension vs Relaxation

Prints are still available. $25.00


If you are tense, take a look and see if this might not be the problem.

Of course, to know this you have to admit what part of you is the part other people want you to be and what part is the part you want to be.  That takes honest self-evaluation. Then of course the hard part come in.  You have to admit it to the world and take action on it.

Have you been able to do this? How did you do it?


Drawing by Marty Coleman

Quote is a Chinese Proverb

I found it online at the Facebook page of a friend, Kimberley Clayton Blaine.  She is a wise woman, someone who is constantly growing and learning. She is one of those people you are glad is in the world.  You can find her at her website/blog The Go-To Mom.   She’s worth following.

Kimberley Blaine

Kimberley Clayton Blaine




What Do You Scatter? – Thorns #1

ALERT:  Do you know the person in this drawing?

thorns 1

Do You Scatter Thorns?

Do you excuse your snark and judgment as being hip?  They aren’t hip, they’re thorns.  Thorns meant to hurt and denigrate.  You might get followers and fans and people laughing at your words, but you are hurting others and you will, without a doubt, be hurt yourself in time.  The path you covered in thorns will one day be the path you yourself must follow, and the thorns will be even more plentiful.  Even if you avoid the thorns on the path, more thorns than that will have grown inside your heart and will strangle your love, compassion and care.

What can you scatter instead of thorns?


Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman

Quote is a Chinese Proverb




Happiness is Enough

Happiness is Enough

Your Purpose

As an artist, your obligation is not to produce propaganda that everyone listens to, understands and obeys.  That is other people’s jobs. Your job as an artist is to express yourself, whether there is logic, reasoning and greater purpose in the expression or not.

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs and what’s wrong with that?


Drawing by Marty Coleman, who saw Wings in concert at the Fabulous Forum in LA in 1975.

Quote is a Chinese proverb


Directions – Bad Habit Week #1

I am going to make a habit of this.

It’s ‘Bad Habit Week’ at the NDD!



This could easily be called addiction week as well, but I wanted to use the word habit because it applies in more cases.   Not everyone is an addict, but everyone has habits.  Some can be quite debilitating and destructive so whether we call it an addiction or a habit, it still is a subject that everyone deals with at some level.
The problem with habits is that often times we don’t realize we have them until we get in a relationship. When that happens the other person is close enough often enough to see the habit in action, we can’t hide it.  But if we are lucky they are also close enough to say something about it to us. It might be something as simple as leaving the top off the medicine bottle.  It might be something as severe as continually hurting someone’s feelings with a facial expression and verbal response.

Even if we are lucky enough to have someone who will point out our bad habits, we still have to decide in our own brain to do something about it.  And one thing is for certain, you won’t change a habit by continuing to do the habit.  
You must adjust.  It might be a complete different direction, it might be a slight course change, but whatever it is, you have to decide to do it.

The key is to not be overwhelmed by the task. You don’t have to change your life goal by redefining a new destination, you just have to change take one small step in a new direction.  It might be a decision to buy healthier food today at the grocery store. It’s not a decision to ALWAYS and FOREVER ONLY buy healthy food. It’s just a small decision today to buy healthier food.  Do that one thing and you have changed your direction and that is enough.  Worry about the next trip to the store when you take it, not today.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad DailyQuote is a Chinese proverb

Napkin Dad Trivia – I learned to fly airplanes when I was 13 years old.


Thanks to CK for the quote today. 

Everything is part of a cycle.  It isn’t just one thing about you that can help fill others. It’s all sides of you.
  • That includes your kindnesses, wisdom and expressions of concern.
  • It also includes your humor, intelligence and expertise.
  • Don’t forget your athleticism, competitiveness and enthusiasm.
  • Don’t denigrate or downplay the value of your beauty, looks, clothing, smile, hair, and body.
  • Your creativity as well; your art, voice, green thumb and love of culture.
  • Most importantly,  don’t make the mistake of thinking your struggles, successes and failings aren’t helpful to others.
The world and the people in it may need all sorts of sides to you.  To give yourself, you need to feed all those things in you as well.  That is why being enthusiastic about your life, pursuing with passion what you have available to learn and experience, isn’t a selfish thing.

I have a friend, from whom I got this quote actually, who is a great example of this.  She has her own personal goals in many aspects of her life.  She pursues them with a passion.  BUT, she doesn’t just do it just for herself. Every step of the way she is revealing herself and her passion to others. She is encouraging others in concrete ways to pursue their own dreams and goals as well.    It is not one-sided, and she is not alone. There are many who do the same for her as well.

Everything is part of a cycle.  Fill yourself to fill others.  Fill others and you will be filled.

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

Quote is a Chinese Proverb

One year ago today at The Napkin Dad Daily – Imitation (guest napkin)

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Pearls Lie Not – updated 2017

Of course, this is not true. You can go to a jewelry store and purchase one. You can steal one. You can inherit one.

But you can’t find your very own pearl, uniquely yours, never owned or touched by another person, unless you dive for it.

Even then you need to know to look for the ugliest thing at the bottom of the sea, an oyster, to find the pearl. Then you have to use a very sharp knife to pry open the oyster and see if a pearl even exists inside it. A lot of work is what that is.

And for what? For a piece of sand, the most commonplace of natural material, surrounded by hardened oyster phlem. Yum. Who will do that? Someone who REALLY desires it. not sort of desires it. REALLY desires it.

So, let’s unmetaphorize this (yes, I just made that word up). I REALLY want to make a success of the napkin drawings. I want to have them seen by the largest amount of people as possible. I want people who like the drawings and my commentary to be willing to buy napkin merchandise from me. I want to make a living at it. That is my pearl.

If the pearl were on the shore, it would just wash up at my feet. But it isn’t on the shore. I have to go out and call, write, post, purchase, think, collaborate, spend, draw, research, talk, listen, learn, focus, discipline, and more. And I have to do that every day. I am excited to do it. But I REALLY have to want this pearl to do this amount of work, right? Especially since there is no guarantee. But that is ok. I really want this pearl. I am going to dive deep for it in 2010.

Wish me luck and when the merchandise is ready to purchase you know what to do!

Drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman 

“Pearls lie not on the seashore. If thou desirest one thou must dive for it.” –  Chinese Proverb

Make Happy Those Who Are Near – updated 2017

A perfect quote for all you entrepreneurs, business and sales people out there.

I recently had a problem with my Mac Pro. I know, not a common occurrence.
I went in to the Apple store to buy a new graphics card, which is where I thought the problem lied. At the last minute I told the 2 (yes, 2) guys helping me that I didn’t want to spend the money to have the computer looked at to see if it was really the problem. They said it’s all free at the store, just make an appointment and bring it in, which I did.

The diagnosis was the logic board, not the graphics card. More money, time in the shop, not a good thing. I left the computer and 2 days later got a call saying it was the graphics card after all and that because they held the computer for so long the card would be free. Yes, free.

I got the computer back and found only one of the monitors (I have 2) was working. I diagnosed it and found the new graphics card takes two power cables, one for each monitor and they had given me only one. I called and explained the problem. They ordered a completely new graphics card because it was the only way to get the extra cable. They had it the next day.

So, I had a problem. The company not only fixed the problem and any ensuing problems but did so in such a way that I want to stay with Apple. I want to support Apple. I want to revisit that store. I want to buy again from Apple. They exceeded my expectations not just with the one on one interaction, but in their way of diagnosing (right in front of me, with full explanation) and in their policy of getting things right, no matter what.

Do you do that with your clients? Do you design your company to do that?

Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman

“Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come.” – Chinese Proverb

The Birds of Sorrow


How does the uninvited guest end up staying? By moving in while the
host is asleep. Why is the host asleep? Because she is tired. Why is the
host tired? Because she has spent herself chasing after the birds flying
overhead, shooing them away. Why does she feel she needs to shoo
them away? Because they make noise and poop all over her and her
home. What could she do to get rid of the birds and not be too tired?
She can go to the House of Need and helps someone there. The birds
will follow her and will get distracted while she is there, flying off to parts
unknown while she returns to her home free to slumber without fear.

“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.” –  Chinese proverb

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