I Draw In Church – Door in the Sky – updated 2018

Sometimes I don’t draw anyone in particular in my drawings done in church. I might notice something; a sleeve length, hair style, eyebrows, etc. of someone sitting close by or saw walk in.  I will keep that in my mind when I start to draw and incorporate it as a starting point.

The rest of the drawing might follow the sermon line, maybe it won’t.  By the way, if you are wondering if I remember the sermon or not due to my drawing instead of just sitting there, I can tell you I do remember it quite well.  This one for example, was obviously about a door in the sky and on the ground with a turtle and box pointing at them.  See, I remembered!

P.S. When you get this Sunday morning I will be in the middle of running my first marathon! It is the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Wish me luck!

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman 

I Draw in Church – The Beautifully Coiffed Mother

On Sundays I am posting drawings I do in church. This one was done in March, 2006.

The beautifully coiffed mother sitting very still while her down syndrome child fidgeted and touched everything around him including his father but he never touched her once and she has a tired, strong face that speaks to her pain and vanity and dreams deferred and love she goes to church to find and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and…

Drawing in Church – updated 2018

Sunday church drawing. I have been drawing in church most of my adult life (that’s a long time). I thought I might share some on Sundays for a while. This is one from 2006.

Here is the text in case it’s not legible on your monitor.

“The upper class woman with the bra strap showing and a tag as well listening to the simple sermon by the Methodist who looks like that character actor who later did infomercials whose voice is coming to her as a flying turtle translating it into what she wants to hear so she can live the life she wants as do we all.”

Drawing and single run-on sentence by Marty Coleman, 6/25/2006

Easter – updated 2017

I draw in church. Yes, almost every single service for many, many years. I thought I might post some of these drawings on Sundays for a while instead of a napkin. I am starting with this one for obvious reasons.

The text is sort of hard to read, so here it is.

The drawing I did in the second church I went to on Easter 2006 with my dad who is old & Catholic but doesn’t like high mass & can’t hear anything buy jokingly thinks it will get him into heaven but isn’t really joking but he didn’t go to the other church which is Methodist and I was late to it but called my fiance to tell her & called my daughter as well who wants to meet at a 3rd church but Linda didn’t want to go & I understand so I will go later & return the cell phone that was left at my house yesterday at Chelsea’s bridal shower where she got deodorant & flour & towels & then eat ham & stuff & do taxes.

Drawing and the one really long sentence © Marty Coleman
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