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I think America’s present predicament is ample evidence of this phenomenon.

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“He who is born a fool is never cured.” – anonymous

The Coward – Power #3


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Creating a Coward

This quote starts with an assumption. It assumes we are all cowards. It’s just that some are more cowardly than others. Now, I don’t think in most cases that means intrinsically some are more cowardly.  I think it means circumstances, both internal and external, have made some turn and run. And it some cases it’s made people stay and fight but use really stupid and ineffective strategies in that fight.

So, if you want power in these situations one way to do it is to not just imagine someone is a greater coward than you are, but actually create the conditions where the other person has reached the point where they must turn and run. Or, if they do stay and fight, they are so overwhelmed that they fight ineffectively.

In either case, one of the best ways to do it is to have overwhelming force.  In other words, 3 pussy cats are better than one when fighting the orange man with the yellow cotton candy on his head.  30 is better than 3 and 300 million are better than 30.

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |

Quote by Ludwig Börne, 1786-1837, German journalist


Fighting Back – Power #2


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How Power Works

Here is an example of how power works. Let’s say an orange man with yellow cotton candy on his head attacks you. Since this is how he feels powerful (instead of actually BEING powerful) you should assume he will continue to attack you until you either can get out of the situation or you attack back.  You can also assume he will attack others since this need for the feeling of power is not going to go away.

How to Respond

If you are a pussy cat, you should have your claws sharpened in advance and not be afraid to use them. If you are a human you should also have your claws (verbal and physical) ready. Having your phone recording the interaction might be a good idea as well. If you can, you should tell someone immediately about the attack so that you have a record of it.  You should also write it down and record the date so the information is fresh.  Tell a reporter friend of yours about the attack. If you don’t have a reporter friend, get one.

Oh, and if he has his orange snake with him and uses it in the attack, you should be sure to claw it as well and call the police.

Power vs Power

In other words, power responds to greater power. This is especially true in the example of the orange man since his bullying and assaulting power is a facade hiding deep insecurities and hurts.  Gather all the resources you can to fight, especially if the man is orange.

Drawing and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |

Quote by Malcolm X, 1925-1965, American Muslim leader and activist


Cat Fights – Power #1


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Cat Life

We have a new cat named Ninja. He is a great cat and we love him, so much fun and so silly. But he is feral in nature. Often when I put my hands out towards him to play he responds with teeth out, ready to defend.

We had another cat, Mayru, who was not like that at all. She barely ever fought or bit. She was fun, and loved to play, but just wasn’t that type of cat.

Ultimate Power

But what type of cat we have doesn’t really matter. What matters is my response to the cat.  I am the one with the ultimate power (even though a cat can bite and scratch pretty well).  I might play a little harder with Ninja than I did with Mayru but in both cases I am not going to force them to play when they aren’t interested, I am not going to attack them and I am not going to hurt them.

If I did that I would be guilty of animal cruelty.  My morals and ethics tell me that is not right and I wouldn’t do it.

Satisfaction and Conscience

If I came across someone who did abuse a cat (or any other animal or human) I would do my best to stop it. I also have to admit I would get some satisfaction seeing the cat attack back and get in a few bites and scratches.

One thing I know for certain, My conscience would not allow me to reward that abuser with my affection or support.


Drawing and commentary © Marty Coleman |

Quote by Elizabeth Janeway, 1913-2005, American novelist



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