Allowing Our Purpose – Universe #1

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The Immature Purpose

The immature among us like to divide things into extreme categories.

A simplistic religious person wants to see anyone who doesn’t believe in a personal God as having no purpose. They want to feel sorry for them because it meets their need to feel enlightened and special. They have  a purpose from God and these other people don’t.

A simplistic non-religious on the other hand wants to see a religious person as living under an illusion of purpose. They want to feel sorry for them because it meets their need to feel intellectually superior.  Their existence and happiness is enough of a purpose and those other people are woefully deluded.

The Mature Purpose

The mature among us are willing to admit that the complexity of life doesn’t lend itself to dividing things up so neatly.

A complex religious person will admit that while they believe they have a purpose directed from God there are many times they don’t know that purpose. They also will admit that that purpose is constantly evolving as they grow. It might be growth in terms of age and experience or perhaps growth in their spiritual relationship with God.  They will also admit that not knowing their purpose in life at every single moment is not critical to their success in life. There are great mysteries they admit to and are willing to live with that.  They also will learn that to judge others’ journey of finding purpose (or not) is not one of their purposes in life.

A complex non-religious person will admit that while they are often satisfied with their purpose simply being to exist and be happy, there are other times they doubt and wonder about that, and are sometimes drawn to see if their might be more than that. They will also admit that they sometimes admire the surety with which a religious person feels their purpose so strongly. They will realize that just as they are on their journey of finding purpose (or not) so others are as well and it’s not their purpose in life to judge other people’s journeys.

Where are you in your search for purpose (or not)?

Drawing, quote and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman |


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