Sketchbook History Tour – 1973

Sketchbook History Tour – 1973.
I have sketchbooks dating back to 1971.  Each Sunday I will post a drawing, going through the years.

Sunbather at a Country Club, 1973
During the summer after I graduated from High School I got blown up in a boat explosion.  My recuperation took place at my parent’s home in Virginia.  I got a job life guarding at a local pool inside a country club.  I used my off time to continue drawing.  A frequent visitor to the pool allowed me to draw her sunbathing.  Sunbathers are great models for artists of course since they sit still for long periods of time.  She was no exception. 

Drawing by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily

>The Choir Member Partially Submerged – I Draw in Church


Sunday is ‘I draw in church’ day

Sometimes even in color. This was drawn 16 years ago, 1/15/94, in California. You can see not all that much has changed. I still like turtles, cities in the distance, puffy clouds, oceans and volcanoes.

Drawing by Marty Coleman of The Napkin Dad Daily 

I Draw in Church – The Beautifully Coiffed Mother

On Sundays I am posting drawings I do in church. This one was done in March, 2006.

The beautifully coiffed mother sitting very still while her down syndrome child fidgeted and touched everything around him including his father but he never touched her once and she has a tired, strong face that speaks to her pain and vanity and dreams deferred and love she goes to church to find and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and…

Drawing in Church – updated 2018

Sunday church drawing. I have been drawing in church most of my adult life (that’s a long time). I thought I might share some on Sundays for a while. This is one from 2006.

Here is the text in case it’s not legible on your monitor.

“The upper class woman with the bra strap showing and a tag as well listening to the simple sermon by the Methodist who looks like that character actor who later did infomercials whose voice is coming to her as a flying turtle translating it into what she wants to hear so she can live the life she wants as do we all.”

Drawing and single run-on sentence by Marty Coleman, 6/25/2006

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