Live Streaming

I regularly use Facebook and Periscope to stream live video. You can find me easy enough. On Facebook it will be on my personal profile so friend me there ( and on Periscope I am @thenapkindad.  Periscope is part of twitter so you can usually see me there as well (same handle).

What you will find:

  • Guess the Quote – We play a game live twice a week called ‘Guess the Quote’ where the audience guesses one word at a time until the quote I am going to use as the basis for my napkin drawing is complete. It’s a lot of fun and very interactive.
  • Chat and Draw – Also twice a week we do a live feed where we discuss the quote that was discovered in the game played the day before as I create an image to illustrate the quote. It’s always a wide-ranging discussion, sometimes funny, often times very deep and meaningful.
  • Out and About – I often will go to a coffee shop or elsewhere to draw. When I do I live stream the process so you can see the creative act in process. It often involves actually meeting the people I draw, which is always interesting!

In addition I do:

  • Interviews with artists and others
  • inspirational scopes about overcoming creative blocks
  • Walking tours of museums and galleries

I hope you will jump on board and discover how much fun it is!


Hello Everyone! I have been doing bringing you 'The Napkin' since 2008 and love it. But It takes a lot of creative and organizational time and effort. If you would like to support that effort financially I would love it if you would buy one of the drawings (available at the 'merchandise' link). If you prefer you can simply donate to the cause. However the money comes in I will use it to produce more quality art and live streaming video. Either way you will also get a personal napkin thanking you!

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