In 1998 I took a trip to New York to visit my sister. I went into Manhattan a few times via the Long Island Railroad to visit museums.  I drew along the way.  Looking back I saw 3 different types of portraits I was creating.  I still do the same three types.



Woman on the Long Island Railroad at Christmas

A portrait of what I see: She was looking out the train window pensively.  We stopped and there was an outdoor Christmas Tree with a star on top in front of a house right next to the tracks.  She never changed her expression.  I took note, quickly adding it to the scene before we moved on.  



Woman Peering Through Her Only Portal

A portrait with what I imagine: She was also on the Long Island Railroad, this time on my way back to my sister’s house on Long Island.  I didn’t get into the drawing long enough to draw a background so instead I started imagining how the light fell on her face and where it could have come from.  I imagined a knot hole in a wall and went with that idea.



Woman With Articulation Of What Once Was

A portrait from all imagination:  Maybe I saw someone’s eyes, lips or nose in passing and had that in my head, but basically I made the whole portrait up.  It’s a caricature of a type that I see once in a while, oversize and undersized everything, dramatic in how extreme the features go together.

Drawings © 2016 Marty Coleman |

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