I had an online conversation with an old high school chum this week about church. In essence, he hates the church and thinks it’s evil.  He sees church-goers as being of one mind, one thought, one idea, one personality, one belief.  He wasn’t discriminating between congregations, theology, creeds, or purposes. It seemed to me to be one broad condemnation of all who go to church.

I actually agree with him in many theological and social areas. BUT, One of the reasons I love drawing people in church is that it really help me to pay attention. Not just to the sermon, which I do, but to the person I am drawing. I notice details, real small details that help me to see them as completely unique people, not just another person in the pew. I see they sit a certain way, that tells me they are worried or stressed about something. I see another who is showing way more leg and cleavage than one might expect in church. I see another who still has his coat on even though it’s hot in the sanctuary.  I see a young boy touching his father but never his mother.  I see a really, really old lady who has the brightest, funnest, most smile-inducing hat and shoes on you can imagine.

In other words, I see individuals.


The upper class woman with the bra strap showing and a tag as well listening to the simple sermon by the Methodist who looks like that character actor who later did infomercials whose voice is coming to her as a flying turtle translating it into what she wants to hear so she can live the life she wants as do we all.

The beautifully coiffed mother sitting very still while her down syndrome child fidgeted and touched everything around him including his father but he never touched her once and she has a tired strong face that speaks to her pain and vanity and dreams deferred and love she goes to church to find and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and tries and

Drawings and commentary © 2016 Marty Coleman | napkindad.com

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