I know you have been waiting for this, so I am putting it on the table for you!

how to draw a napkin 5-6

Steps 5a-5d: See steps 1a-1d

Step 5e: Get job at a restaurant.

Step 5f: Draw and photograph many of your co-workers and patrons (but not the ones you spill things on).

Step 5g: Meet art teachers, dealers and collectors and show them your work.

Step5h: Meet famous people and rich people and encourage them to buy your art.

Step5i: Repeat for 13 years.

Step 5j: Draw another waiter (not me, in spite of the resemblance, really) spilling food and wine all over.

Step 5k: Color in drawing of waiter.  Use pretty colors.


Concept, drawing and commentary by Marty Coleman, who never spilled wine or food on anyone but did drop a few plates.


Fact of the Day

The highest amount paid for a painting by a living artist is 34.2 million dollars at an October, 2012 Sotheby’s Auction. The artist is Gerhard Richter and the seller was Eric Clapton.  

gerhard richter painting

Here is a photo of the painting being sold. It's the colorful one.



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