drowning pundits

The Seven Drowning Pundits

The Seven Drowning Pundits,
Said what they should have said.
They talked and talked and talked all night,
Until their tongues were dead.

The Seven Drowning Pundits, 
They knew what was to be.
They hit the notes and sang the tune,
Until they had to pee.

The Seven Drowning Pundits,
They enjoyed the fleet of fame.
They just didn’t realize,
That they were the ones to blame.

The Seven Drowning Pundits,
They wanted to be right.
They barked and howled at the moon,
Because it was so bright.

The Seven Drowning Pundits,
They smelled the money big.
They ate at it’s trough and barely coughed,
As they wallowed with the pig.

The Seven Drowning Pundits,
Last seen not making a sound,
Disappeared late that night,
The rumor was they drowned.


Drawing and poem by Marty Coleman, who is not a pundit, but does like puns.


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