Last we saw the Bodyless Ghirl Ghosts they were either getting electrocuted by a fence or trying on hats.  This is what happened to the hat tryer oners.

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The Irish Pub

While 7 of the Ghirl Ghosts stayed behind at the dairy, trying to milk cows then getting electrocuted, the other 7 had gone hat shopping back in town.  They had all ended up crying about the hats and and the saleswoman being lonely.  They invited the saleswoman out for a drink and they all went to the local Irish pub where they found two from the other group floating around.  

The pub was Irish because it was owned by a Irishman who had come to visit his sister in America 10 years ago but couldn’t get on his flight home because his name was on the terrorist watch list.  His name was Laddie O’Sama.  He tried to tell the airport people he wasn’t THAT O’Sama but they didn’t believe him because he had a beard and talked with a funny accent.  He stayed with his sister and eventually gave up trying to go home. He got a job being Irish in a Irish pub that had no Irishman in it and eventually inherited the pub from the Bulgarian lady who owned it and thought of him as a son.  Except she always want to have sex with him. Which he did only once.

Kissing Crazy

The ghirl ghosts and the hat sales lady went to the pub and had many drinks.  Even though they have no bodies, bodyless ghirl ghosts can get drunk because the alcohol circles around in their brain before it spills on the floor.  The sales lady got drunk and kissed Greta, the sexy ghirl ghost.  Greta was drunk and kissed her back and all the other ghirl ghosts gasped because they hadn’t realized they could kiss people who weren’t dead and had bodies. They thought they could only kiss each other, which they did once in a while when they were bored. 

Once they saw that they could kiss anyone they went kissing crazy.  Penelope, the Ghirl Ghost leader, kissed 4 men sitting at a table watching bowling on TV.  They all said her lips were like marshmallows, which was not surprising since ghirl ghosts are like marshmallows everywhere, not just their lips.  All the other ghirl ghosts watched her kissing to see how to do it with real people then Sharita kissed the bartender, Ethel kissed the dishwasher and Betty kissed 3 girls who all had on red lipstick, which got all over her lips and cheeks.  

What They Saw in the Alley

Pretty soon they were all kissed out and ready to go back to the hotel.  They looked around and didn’t see the saleslady, who they wanted to say goodbye to.  They also didn’t see the bartender anywhere.  They wanted to leave out the back door, but they needed someone to open it for them since they don’t have hands.  They got the dishwasher to do it and they each gave him a bit fat marshmallow kiss as they went out the door.  He had never been kissed in his whole life so he was very happy as he scrubbed pots the rest of the night.

The back door led to a back alley. As they came out the little alcove into the alley they were stopped in their tracks. Well, they don’t really make tracks since they have no feet, but they were stopped anyway.  Before them they saw the the saleslady and the bartender kissing!  Not only that but they were doing things besides kissing with parts that the bodyless ghirl ghosts didn’t have.  The ghirl ghosts stared for a long time saying nothing because ghirl ghosts like to watch, which is understandable considering they can’t do much besides watching and floating around.


Penelope whispered, “That’s enough watching, let’s leave them alone.”  Sharita said, “Can’t we wait to see if she…” “NO”, said Penelope, “That will just make it harder to go to sleep.”  Then all the ghirl ghosts floated silently passed the two lovers and went back to the hotel where they watched an Infomercial about acne medicine before floating off to slumber land.


To read more of their adventures go to the ‘Bodyless Ghosts’ series in the drop down menu in the sidebar.

Drawing and story by Marty Coleman, who has never tried to kiss a marshmallow.


Literary Question from two days ago answered

Question: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen” is the first line of what novel?

Answer:  ‘1984’ by George Orwell, published in 1949.


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